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Welcome Message From ROSÉ

💌 Introducing BLACKPINK’s ROSÉ to you!

⭐ Name: ROSÉ
⭐ Date of birth: February 11, 1997.
⭐ Blood type: B
⭐ Nickname: Chang-ramji/Ggochang-i (stick)
⭐ To Weverse Fans: Find out the password… then you’re a genius. (I love you BLINK)

ROSÉ’s welcoming video message and Weverse exclusive handwriting are revealed! 📸

BLINK SYDDKS. 🎀 It’s Rosé. I’m so excited and I’m looking forward to talk with BLINK on Weverse. I’ll post with/without password more, so come and interact with us. 🤍 Congratulations on the 5th anniversary, I love you so much. Rosé~

cr. BLACKPINK Weverse

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