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🐿️ Arriving in Korea and seeing BLINKs again made me happy. 🙂 I missed you. Also, I went to the Harry Potter museum and took so many pictures, I don’t know when I’ll organize them all and post. For now, I’m spoiling to BLINKs ke heehee. 😘

👤 It rained a lot right? It’s expected to rain a lot in Korea too now.
↪️🐿️ No! The weather was really nice.. Maybe I’m the weather fairy..?? Hahahahaha OMG.

👤 Who drinks that huge glass of Coke?!
↪️🐿️ Is it big??

👤 When will I get a reply….
↪️🐿️ Right now.

👤 Chaeyoung appeared in my dream today, but she came to Weverse~~~~~~~~~~
↪️🐿️ Oh, I got a spoiler.

👤 What’s your Hogwarts house???
↪️🐿️ I have no idea haha.

👤 It’s Monday morning, I’ve gained strength thanks to Chaeng. ㅠㅠㅠ
↪️🐿️ Mondays can also be fun!!! Haha fighting.

👤 Kekeke you look like a person who went hiking haha.
↪️🐿 Mountaineering? Kekeke.

👤 Wow, it’s one of the places that I really want to go to, I’m so envious… 😂 But Chaeng didn’t you go there before as well…?
↪️🐿 It’s my first time going there!

👤 Noona, eat a lot and get stronger!!!
↪️🐿 Thank you (in a cute way).

👤 How was the Harry Potter museum!!?
↪️🐿 First of all, I really walked a lot and my feet still hurt a little, but it was fun. Hehe.

👤 It was a very, very difficult day, but after seeing your post, I got so much strength. Fighting for today as well. I miss you so much and I love you. 💖
↪️🐿 😘

👤 Let’s go Hufflepuff!
↪️🐿️ Keke why.. I think Gryffindor would be nice.

👤 Chaeyoung, I have COVID. Is there anything I can do?
↪️🐿 Animal Crossing?

🐿 I’m hungry.

🐿 What should I eat?

🐿 Naengmyeon is so good.

🐿 Jjamppong is also good.

🐿 Is there such a thing as naeng jjamppong?

🐿 Oh shabu shabu (hotpot) is delicious.

🐿 Shabu shabu is so good.

🐿 Flat peaches are really good.

🐿 Did you know? Flat peaches are donut peaches in English!!

🐿 Rice noodles are so good.

🐿 No, I haven’t decided on what to eat yet.

🐿 So what should I eat? ㅠ

🐿 Jungsingnaengmyeon? What’s that?

🐿 Korean food for breakfast, naengmyeon for lunch and hotpot for dinner… It’s alright…

🐿 No, no I can’t eat bread. I ate it too much now.

🐿 Anyway, everyone, I’m going to eat delicious food, so eat delicious food and cheer up today as well. 🤍

🐿 Ah, I’m hungry again.

🐿 Ah, samgyeopsal would be delicious.

🐿 Is it raining?

🐿 It’s not raining here.

🐿 Right? Kekeke.


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