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🐿️ Hi BLINK! I missed you~~ How have you been?

👤 Uwang.
↪️🐿️ Uwangg.

👤 I really really missed you so much that I almost cried.
↪️🐿️ Me too. ㅠ I missed you guys a lot…

👤 What’s your TMI for today?
↪️🐿️ I just took Hank on a walk and came (to Weverse) now.

👤 Dinner menu recommendation!!
↪️🐿️ Hmm… Soybean paste stew.

👤 Chae-ah ㅜㅜ I missed you so much, please post 1 unreleased picture!!!
↪️🐿️ Hmm… I’ll look for it now.

🐿️ The photos I took when I went to Adidas store a few days ago. 🙂

👤 Post more pictures!!!!
↪️🐿️ More??? Do you want more? Wait a minute hahaha.

👤 Park Chaeyoung, if you reply I will pass the exam.
↪️🐿️ (For you) to pass.

👤 I’ll hold my breath until I get a reply from Rosé…
↪️🐿️ Don’t.

👤 Finally, the long-awaited Rosé is here.
↪️🐿️ I’m finally here. ㅠ

👤 Guess who’s on my profile picture.
↪️🐿️ Who is that..?

👤 What kind of gift should I give to a 17 year old friend?
↪️🐿️ A pretty pencil case?

👤 Where is Hank?
↪️🐿️ On my lap.

👤 If Rosé replies to me I will go wash our dishes. 😌
↪️🐿️ Go wash the dishes!

👤 Rosie whats your new year resolution?
↪️🐿️ Be happy.

👤 What did you do on Jisoo’s birthday?
↪️🐿️ I went to see her and we blew the cake candles together!

👤 If I write comments like a foreigner, will I get a reply?
↪️🐿️ Kekekekekekeke.

👤 I’m on a trip to Jeju, I hope someday we can meet BLACKPINK in Jeju Island…
↪️🐿️ I’m jealous. ㅜ

👤 Rosie, would you want to eat rice noodles with me?? Kekeke. 🖤🖤🖤
↪️🐿️ Yes I want to eat.

👤 Rosé-yah, please speak informally to me.
↪️🐿️ Hello.

👤 Movie recommendation!!!!!!
↪️🐿️ Today I saw “Tick Tick Boom”. 🤯 Hih.

👤 When will I get to receive a reply from Rosé…
↪️🐿️ Right now!!!

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