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🐿️ What is this 🍇 is it like a story? It’s so cool~ This is Hank, wet from the rain. It looks like he really doesn’t like it from the expression on his face kekeke. He doesn’t like water, like cats.

👤 OMO Hank kekekeke so fluffy.
↪️🐿️ Cute. 👉👈

👤 Poor Hank. 🥺
↪️🐿️ Keke Hank was in a bad mood kekekeke.

👤 Hank is getting sensitive because it’s raining. 🐡
↪️🐿️ Sensitive akk kekeke this emoji is cute kekeke. 🐡

👤 It looks like Hank is cursing through his eyes? haha.
↪️🐿️ Right? kekekekekekeke I felt that too. ㅠㅠ

cr. 젠바 & BLACKPINK Weverse

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