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🐿️ BLINKs, have I uploaded these pictures? I was organizing my photo gallery and found a few pictures I don’t think I’ve uploaded so I came by… what is everyone doing. 🪩

🐿️ Sending love to all the BLINKs who are studying at this hour. Keep it up my loves!

👤 How is Joohwangie?
↪️🐿️ Joohwangie’s so healthy!!

🐿️ I like mint chocolate keke.

🐿️ It’s good.

🐿️ What do you mean why do I like it! (I like it) because it’s good hahaha.

👤 I’m eating tangerines.
↪️🐿️ Tangerines! At this hour?

🐿️ I’m going to sleep now!! Goodnight BLINKs love you with all my heart. 😗☺️ Good nighttt.

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