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LISA on Weverse

🐱 Tada~ BLINK! I’m back! I was logged out, so I found my password and finally came in kekekeke. Ohmy ohmy! 😨 I’m sorry for making you worry for a few days. ㅠ I’m totally healthy and not sick at all! 😛 You’re all doing well right? Why is it so cold these days? I don’t want to go out and just stay in bed. 🙈 BLINK, make sure to dress warmly. 💗

👤 Why do you look like the person at your back?
↪️🐱 That’s right, a lot of people say I look like her!

LISA changed her Weverse profile picture.

👤 Let’s eat chicken with a warm cappuccino and watch Snowdrop on Christmas!! kekeke.
↪️🐱 I like it!

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