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JISOO & ROSÉ on Weverse


🔒🔑 ontheground

🐰 LOL how was it.

🐿️ This one is for me.

🐰 You’re right, this is for you.

🐰 If you don’t get it right, you’re a fool.

🐿️ In English right?

🐿️ If you write Hangul in English, there is a difference on the spelling. It means you’re cheating.

🐰 For Rosie ^^

🐰 In English, English

🐿️ Kyaaa

🐿️ 💐✨😚💗❤️

🐰 Password is English.

🐰 Did you get it? LOL

🐰 Kyakyakyakyakyakyakyakya

🐿️ I tried ‘Chaengramji’ ‘Chipmunk’ ‘Squirrel’ the first time.

🐿️ To be honest, I was nervous for a while.

🐰 LOL ‘Chaengramji’ LOL

🐰 LOL Good idea…? For reference.

🐰 I will go nowww, it was fun with BLINK and Chaeng hehehe. I will be back later hehehe.

🐰 Good night everyone! 🤍 I love you! 🤍

🐿️ Jisoo unnie good night~ Good~~ Night~~~~ 🌌💗💕🤣

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