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🐰 BLINK! Long time no see! 🥺 Today is a day where I miss BLINK because the weather is nice and clear. I’m so nervous and excited at the thought of having an offline concert after a long time so I’m practicing hard to make good memories for everyone who came to see the concert! How is October going for BLINK? Every day is worthwhile! We’re all working hard on it, so BLINK, please come and get ready to enjoy it! I kept trying to upload pictures, but… Pictures of Paris that are late I miss you and love you, BLINK. See you soon! 😽♥️

👤 !
↪️🐰 Hi, hi. I’m Jisoo! Haha.

👤 Oh no, what is this?
↪️🐰 What do you mean “oh no”! This is a picture of me..?!🥹

👤 Let’s meet in France! I finally get to see BLACKPINK for the first time. 😭 I can’t wait for December.
↪️🐰 I will do my best!!!😂😂♥️

👤 Jisoo what are you doing?? Are you practicing?
↪️🐰 Keke yes!!!!! I’m doing my best!!!!😎😎🥺🥺🥺

👤 Chu did you see the sky today?
↪️🐰 It was so sunny today. ☁️

👤 10 days until the concert!!! See you soon.
↪️🐰 Hehe I’m nervous Ahhhhhh!!

👤 I was eating ramen but ran here when I heard the notification Chichi!
↪️🐰 Ramen.. so yummy…. I want one bite seriously..

👤 Did you have lunch? I ate instant tteokbokkie.
↪️🐰 You’re tempting me.. lucky.. I ate protein..

👤 You look so good in black.
↪️🐰 I’m fluttered hehehe thank you!!

👤 Don’t come to Weverse and get some sleep and rest even if it’s just 1 minute.
↪️🐰 I do that and I kept failing at coming to Weverse. ㅜㅜ So I thought today is my chance!!! So I came here hehe fainting hehe I wanted to talk with BLINKs.

👤 Jisoo, what is your MBTI?
↪️🐰 I did it yesterday again and I still get INFJ hehe I don’t think the A at the end will ever change though.

👤 Always be healthy and I’m looking forward for you guys’ concert.
↪️🐰 Please look forward to it!!! I’m so excited with mixed emotions because it’s been such a long time hehe.

👤 I ate fried rice today, what’s your TMI for today?
↪️🐰 I ate sweet potatoes hehe..

👤 Please do a Pochaco filter again.. -from the Jisoo Pochaco-team union.
↪️🐰 Hahahaha ahhahahaha do I have Pochaco filter…?

👤 US BLINKs are practicing the cheering (fanchant) guide.. We will scream so that you can hear through your in-ear earphones you’re the best!!!
↪️🐰 OMG does YG make these too?

👤 What will you have for dinner Chu?
↪️🐰 Hehehe meat..?! Wouldn’t it be meat?! It has to be meat.

👤 Did you know? When you said “get rid of the acrylic screen please” the fans went crazy.. you were so cool.
↪️🐰 ㅎㅎ We talked with each other before the event that if we cant hear BLINKs well, let’s remove the screen! But I really couldn’t hear well so I removed it right away!!

👤 Did you have a date with Jiyeon (BONA) these days?
↪️🐰 Just text dating.. ^^ We ate hot pot 100 times through text. ㅠㅠ We’re both busy.

👤 Do you know how to do YouTube? 🥹🥹 Let’s film Jisoo’s day. ♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️
↪️🐰 Hahahaha I really can’t film YouTube videos.. I will try to appear on the other members’ YouTube. 😂

👤 I will say goodbye after I get a reply.
↪️🐰 Hehe you’re still gonna stay!

👤 Chichi~~ fighting in October too!!
↪️🐰 Fighting in October too.

👤 There’s too many comments. Jisoo won’t see mine right?🥹 🥺🥺
↪️🐰 Yellow duck, why are you holding a knife.

👤 H’war’v do you know what this means? Haha I’m Jisoo h’war’v.
↪️🐰 I love you!

👤 Everybody thinks Jisoo’s MBTI is ESTJ.
↪️🐰 I feel like I change when I work but I’m definitely an I person because I don’t make friends often?! BLINKs try the MBTI test while thinking of me I heard that when you do the test for others you know well, the results are more accurate!

👤 Don’t be sick and eat well!
↪️🐰 My BLINKs eat well too!!🤍

👤 You know fans call you Sooyaa? Hahaha
↪️🐰 My IG username!!

👤 I’m drinking iced-americano today too
↪️🐰 Me too me too!!!

👤 Are you good at math? Can you do some addition with me to your heart? …..
↪️🐰 I’m not good at math but I can do that addition.

👤 Kimchi sushi is very good !!! x15
↪️🐰 Oh.. I see! It doesn’t sound good! But I guess it tastes good.

👤 I’m collecting Shinchan. 😎
↪️🐰 Collecting stuff is fun. I’m collecting Kitty, Shinchan and Kirby hehe.

👤 What happens if alcohol is added to Jisoo’s body.
↪️🐰 Hehe but I think my alcohol tolerance is strong I just can’t drink beer or wine and also fermented beverage..? I can’t drink that.

👤 It’s been a long time since a concert, which song do you want to hear the crowd sing together?
↪️🐰 What are you saying, you should sing all of them together!!!

👤 I will cheer for you until my lightstick breaks at the concert!!!
↪️🐰 I like itttt!!!!!!!🤩🤩🤩♥️👏🏻

🐰 MY BLINKs! I will go now ㅠㅠ Spend today well too!! Everyone take care of ur health and I will show u guys my cool side at the concert. 🥺♥️ Oh I took a picture with the trophy.. But I didn’t like it so I will take another one next time!!!!! BLINKs I love you. ♥️ I will go now. 🥺


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