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🐰 Before I go to sleep! What I did today was… Trendy? The results of the other MBTI test was so shocking. More than anything else, I’m shocked that it’s 98% “I”. Please tell us BLINKs MBTI too! 😂

👤 Hi.
↪️🐰 Hi hello hello hehe.

👤 I’m glad I wasn’t sleeping.
↪️🐰 Who told you not to sleep! Good job. 🥰🥳

👤 I haven’t done this yet either! When did Jisoo become so fashionable ?
↪️🐰 Hahahaha it’s me. 😎

👤 Jisoo, what should I do when I can’t sleep? ㅜㅜ 😆 But it’s good that Jisoo came after not sleeping.
↪️🐰 If you close your eyes and imagine the details, you fall asleep. 😂😂 You really have to go into the details!

👤 Chu please wave your carrot when you make a comeback in AUGUST!!
↪️🐰 Of course of course. 🥕Shaking shaking! Why am I shaking a carrots??

👤 What did LISA buy you in Paris?
↪️🐰 It’s not in Paris, but she brought me a Kitty Mask. 🎁💟

👤 Jisoo, did you have insomnia?
↪️🐰 Ummm… But even if I sleep late, I sleep for a long time… It’s a little different from insomnia…?!?! Good night! Haha.

👤 I saved up money to go to BLACKPINK’s concert. Chu, hurry up and let’s meet. 🤍 (Please reply to me too. 🥺)
↪️🐰 Let’s meet soon. 🤭🍀💟

👤 Jisoo, what do you usually do at home?
↪️🐰 At home, I lie down in the living room, playing some music and stretching while looking at the ceiling. 😂

👤 Do you still drink ice green tea these days? Or is it Iced Americano?
↪️🐰 I had 4 cups of Iced Americano today. ㅠ I feel dizzy.

👤 I want a Kitty mask too.
↪️🐰 IT’S MINE!!

👤 Chu, is there a moment or situation where it felt that Chu was I?
↪️🐰 Kekeke I’m bright outside, but once I go home I’ve no energy kekeke it’s worn out of tattered..?

👤 Unnie I98??? I’m ENTP.⚡💖✨💖✨ Chuu. 🤍 GOODNIGHT. 🌙 What color is your pajamas today?
↪️🐰 Blue! Keke good night. 💟

🐰 ㅎㅎ I came here today before I go to bed so I’ll leave now. ㅎㅎㅎㅎ Since I’m sleepy, I’m going to sleep now. 🥱 BLINKs it’s already late so go to bed now and have a happy day tomorrow. Have a happy dream too. ☘️💟 I miss you and I love you. 💟


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