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🐰 BLINKs ❄ I took this picture when it snowed last time hehe. I wanted to take pictures when it was snowing but it stopped before I could… People should do what they want right away hahaha. But anyway, I was healed by the snow. No matter how cold, I’m still a winter child. My loving BLINKs, these days, even if I stay outside for a little while, it’s so cold that my hands, feet, neck and even forehead is cold. So everyone should dress warmly and not be sick! You know your health is the most important?? I love you guys always and I miss you so so much hehe. Let’s meet soon my BLINKs. 🥰

👤 Hey best friend.
↪️🐰 🤍 Hi my BF. 🤍

👤 ㅇ
↪️🐰 Wow your username is no joke. (“Genius Jisoonie”)

👤 Hello Jisoo what did you eat today?
↪️🐰 I ate a homemade meal! I’m a morning person these days. ☃️

👤 Unni, today is also a good day. ❤️❤️❤️
↪️🐰 Let’s all have a good day today. 🤍

👤 I was playing a game but as soon as the Weverse notification popped up, I ran over here. 😎
↪️🐰 True love…?!? I’m touched.

👤 I don’t think Jisoo can see my message.
↪️🐰 I can see it well haha.

👤 I’m going to watch Snowdrop on a snowy day.
↪️🐰 Will it snow tomorrow too? Haha.

👤 I can’t think of any (comment) idea because I just woke up, my brain give me strength…
↪️🐰 Don’t worry, your username is already amazing! (“I’m a poopy dog”)

👤 Jisoo, I’m not buying a calendar just in case the season greeting gets released…
↪️🐰 Phone calendars are good these days.. please wait for the legendary item (season greeting). 🥲

👤 Genius Jisoo why don’t you upload secret posts these days, it was fun trying to guess the password!!
↪️🐰 What if the post doesn’t ever open.

👤 Today is respect-chipmunk day. 🐿❤
↪️🐰 ??? Chaeng, I respect you!!

👤 Spoiler? 🥺
↪️🐰 Never. 😎

👤 Omg lens or no lens, Jisoo is so pretty. 🤍 #BLINK #NotAnAd (Referring to Jisoo’s Olens IG post.)
↪️🐰 Hahahahaha not an ad hahaha. My thoughts, my opinion.

👤 I used to drink coffee, but I don’t want to drink coffee anymore… I can’t forget Snowdrop… I can’t forget… I’ll never forget Eun Young-ro is a cool girl, so I can’t miss it. ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ 😭😍
↪️🐰 ?! I’m still drinking iced Americano.

👤 Recommend a song?
↪️🐰 These days I only listen to Tame Impala… hahaha I only listen to songs I usually listen to.

👤 How is Dalgom these days?
↪️🐰 Dalgom, who loves to eat, was pissed off today too because he didn’t get snacks hahahaha.

👤 Let’s try using duck tongs for Jichu too!!!!
↪️🐰 I’m giving up boldly!

👤 What time did you wake up today?
↪️🐰 Today at 8 o’clock.

👤 Lunch menu recommendation please… Swoosh. 💕
↪️🐰 Since it’s cold, something warm! Something like seolleongtang?

👤 Whenever I see BLINK skill in the game I hope Jisoo’s voice supports. ㅠㅠ Whenever I press the skill key I can enjoy the game.
↪️🐰 Kekeke I also have BLINK here kekekeke. It’s true love right??

👤 When will I be lucky. 😒
↪️🐰 Right here at this moment.

👤 Chuu, do you work out these days? Kekekke. 😆
↪️🐰 I’m working out to be healthy haha.

👤 Jishoo do you like snow or rain.
↪️🐰 I like both these days hehe.

👤 Shooya I won a Snowdrop polaroid ~~❤❤❤❤❤ You’re jealous right keke.
↪️🐰 Wow, lucky! Give it to me!(?)

👤 Jisoo please say whatever TV (A trending slang which means ‘Whatever go watch some TV’.)
↪️🐰 Whatever-Lily.

👤 Who taught Lisa Whatever-Lily?
↪️🐰 Hahaha she taught herself..?! That day she contacted me and bragged to me that she used ‘whatever-Lily’ LOL, she used that word all day and was excited that she was proud of herself hahahahaha.

👤 Youngro’s real job was BLACKPINK??? I didn’t know!!!
↪️🐰 Youngro’s real job is Jisoo.

👤 But how did Haein know Jisoonie? I was surprised while watching.
↪️🐰 I think he listened to a staff call me Jisoonie after looking at a coffee truck, and they explained why my nickname is Jisoonie lol. It was funny when he wrote that on my nickname.

👤 Director Eun. 🎬🎥 Youngro photographer. 📸 Lake Women’s University. ✨ Insider Eun Youngro. 💙😍😍 I love you. 💙😍😍
↪️🐰 I love you so much. 🥰 I should’ve filmed more.

👤 Chuu! Did you block me?Crying.
↪️🐰 Hahaha why did you block it!! Ha ha ha.

👤 Do you like snow?
↪️🐰 Of course, of course. ❄️

👤 I’m hungry… I’m hungry for Jisoo’s love… ❤️
↪️🐰 ?! No, I’m sure you’re hungry! Kekekekeke. 🥰❤️

👤 I remember how delicious sweet potatoes were at Evergreen Record Store.
↪️🐰 It was really delicious because it was so cold. They gave me a baked sweet potato right next to it and it was so delicious. 🥺

👤 Black hair vs. Eternal Sunshine Blue-haired Chuu’s choice is!
↪️🐰 I really want to dye my hair blue.

👤 I’m so into Chuu these days.
↪️🐰 Oh? There’s no exit. Haha.

👤 Pororo is having so much fun these days.
↪️🐰 Huh? Isn’t it best to just play? Keke.

👤 I’ll draw Ji-Soo! I don’t know if there’s any translated version.
↪️🐰 Hurry up and draw it. ❤️

👤 I can’t do this anymore. I’m leaving. 😭😭
↪️🐰 See you next time. 🥺

👤 Jisoo, I missed you. I missed you. I missed you. I missed you. I missed you. I missed you. I missed you. I missed you. I missed you. I missed you. I missed you. I missed you.
↪️🐰 If it’s written without pasting, I accept it even if it’s not. 😂

👤 I’m jealous of the people who got the replies.
↪️🐰 Someone that people will be jealous of. 🤭

👤 Ji-Soo really means it to BLINK. Stay for a really long time today. I love you. 🤍
↪️🐰 Hehehe I miss BLINK. Love you so much. 🥲

👤 What movie do you recommend? Also even if you don’t reply, I hope you know that I love you.
↪️🐰 I want to watch “L’Appartement” after a long time so BLINKs watch it too! Hahaha.

👤 Jisoo you got a mole under your eye when you took the membership video hehe. It’s so pretty 700 (Guess the slang haha).
↪️🐰 A mole appeared on top of my eye, so I have 2 now it’s cool right? Although it’s not that visible.

🐰 Hehe my BLINKs I will go!! I hope everyone spends a great day!! Since it’s cold, have a warm lunch and always I’m thankful and I love you guys. 🤍 It was nice to keep each other’s side warm hehe, Nyongan. 🤍


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