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JISOO on Weverse BLINK Membership

🐰 BLINK! Jisoo came on the last day of the year. 🤍 2021 was a year that allowed me to feel and learn a lot, so I think it’ll be a time that’s very meaningful in my life. And I think it’s a great happiness for BLINK to watch, cheer, and cheer me up at a time when I’m growing up in many ways. I’m always thankful. 😘 We received a lot of love this year and tried to repay that love, but I’m so curious if BLINK was happy! In 2022, BLACKPINK and BLINK will be able to see each other more often, so let’s wait for that moment and wrap up the last day with excitement! Like a bright morning comes after a dark night. And let’s be happy together for the new 365 days and nights. I love you! Happy New Year!

↪️🐰 Hi BLINKs. ❤️ Happy New Year. ❤️

🐰 BLINK, I hope that you and your family will welcome the new year and be happy. ❤️ Happy New Year! Thank you always and I love you. 🤍 Happy New Year My BLINK. 🤍

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