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🐰 Happy birthday dear BLINK! It’s already the last day of 2023 filled with memories with BLINK. I think this year was fuller because I spent a lot of time with the members and BLINK! And I still remember how excited I was because my solo album came out for the first time! During the tour, I was happy to perform in front of BLINK because my solo came out, and I felt reassured to see BLINK like it so much, and I have vivid memories of getting warm. In 2024, I think about what I can do with BLINK so that we can build new challenges and fun memories together, and I hope we can see each other often next year. Happy New Year, everyone! Thank you always and I love you! Our love forever.

👤 I’m so looking forward for the new group song I will also support everybody’s solo activities BLACKPINK forever hehe.
↪️🐰 It’s BLACKPINK forever. 🖤💖

👤 Was the date with Chaeng fun? What else did you guys do?
↪️🐰 We made cake together hehe all of a sudden like lightning! Haha. 🤣🤣

👤 I love you Jisoo let’s run 2024 too.
↪️🐰 Let’s spend 2024 with fun. 🥰

👤 I was really happy thanks to Jisoo. 🥹🥹 2024 fighting! And… I want to receive this year’s first and last reply from you.
↪️🐰 Hehehe I am Kim peachy-princess hehehe happy new year!!!

👤 Your TMI recently.
↪️🐰 I’m working hard to grow out my bangs… Hahahaha kekekekekeke.

👤 You’ll do a concert right?
↪️🐰 Haha we’ll be able to do the next concert more perfectly hehehe. 😎

👤 Chu, do you have a bucket list for 2024?
↪️🐰 Um… to be healthy! I don’t want to get sick haha.

🐰 I’m healthy and working hard! 💪🏻 I was happy that I was able to see you often this year. Let’s see each other a lot next year as well!!

🐰 BLINK, I’m always so thankful. Thanks to being with BLINKs every year, I’m happy and confident! Haha I love you. ♥️ Let’s meet each other next year. 🥰😎 Happy New Year!

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