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JISOO on Weverse

🐰 Play with me. ❄️🥶🩵 Kekeke.

👤 Unni, what game have you been playing recently?
↪️🐰 Nintendo’s Animal Crossing.

👤 Why are you dressed so lightly? Are you not cold?
↪️🐰Kekekeke I’m strong… I’m hot… I’m warm…

👤 I’m always free for Jisoo.
↪️🐰 Kekekeke our BLINKs love me so much, love me more!!

👤 It really feels like Christmas is approaching…. with that in mind, cover a Christmas carol! Keke.
↪️🐰 Are there any funny carols? Strangely enough, I don’t want it to be serious.

👤 There’s nothing to watch lately.
↪️🐰 Look at me!

👤 TMI for today.
↪️🐰 I’m listening to Pretty Savage right now, pretty pretty savage~

👤 Unni, can you dance the slick back.
↪️🐰 What’s that!

👤 OMG, look at the slick back challenge.
↪️🐰 Is it CG…? What exactly was the person who discovered it doing, what happened to that person.

👤 Please upload you doing the slick back challenge on YouTube.
↪️🐰 I don’t think I’ll ever be able to do it but it’ll be possible if a giant attaches strings to my shoulder and controls me.

👤 Please do a bicycle vlog and slick back vlog with Chaengie.
↪️🐰 Oh, if I ask Chaeyoung to do it, she’ll try really hard so I feel bad even bringing it up, you know what I mean right?

👤 Jisoo noona, if you reply I’ll put my phone down and study forreal lol.
↪️🐰 Just don’t study… the fact that you’re on your phone, there’s already no hope for today!

👤 Noona, please encourage me to study hard.
↪️🐰 I said not to study today so let’s take a break today! Let’s study hard starting tomorrow! 🥰💪🏻

🐰 I’m going to go now!! The 100th comment is ME!! 😛 I hope BLINKs will have a great end of the year without any worries! BLINKs who took the college entrance exams today, you did great. 🥰 Don’t catch a cold, eat lots of good food and rest well! Goodnight and I love you; Let’s play again. ♥️💓

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