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🐰 Hello BLINK, it’s been a while since I came to play before going to bed. I’m finally sharing the pictures I took as a fairy while filming Dr. Cheon!! You were all surprised, right? I was surprised even when I knew. It was a fun experience I even got a fan as a souvenir! I’ve been working out and I’m doing well these days! BLINKs, you aren’t sick too, right?? Health is most important! It’s been so cold these days! It’s time to wear puffer jackets now!! Make sure to dress warmly and be careful not to catch a cold! Adding on cute Dalgom pictures that I took today! Dalgom, please stay healthy for a long time too~ To BLINKs who I miss, sweet dreams and good night I love you.

👤 I want to get hit by Jisoo unnie too.
↪️🐰 Why.. why is that?!

👤 Jisoonie, I was drinking with 발링크 but I came running after getting your notif… As soon as I said ‘Oh! Jisoo is here!’ we all stopped talking and started writing replies.
↪️🐰 LOL it’s funny starting from the fact that you said 발링크. 🤣 It’s colder if you drink, make sure not to get a cold. ㅠ 🥶🍻 Cheers for me too! 🍻

👤 LOL come to toast with us!
↪️🐰 I really want to go and do a toast with you… Can I use 발링크’s drinking party as content…? LOL but I’m a lightweight 🍻

🐰 I’m going to go now!!!!! ♥️ I’ll come to play through a live next time! Haha I don’t know when I’ll come so make sure to turn your notificatons on! 🥰 Since it’s late, quickly go to sleep~ I love you and good night. ⭐️♥️

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