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JISOO on Weverse

🐰 Hi BLINK! It’s a night I want to talk to BLINK. What are you all doing? 🌝

👤 Hey.
↪️🐰 What do you mean hey! Hello.

👤 I’m at Gocheok dome 1st floor please look for me. ㅠㅠ
↪️🐰 I will look for all of you guys. 👀✨🤍

👤 I’m serving in the military and I got the tickets so I’m going to go on military leave during that time!!
↪️🐰 Oh woww wear the hat(?) is this not it.

🐰 I really wanted to try it too so I searched ‘BLACKPINK concert’ and signed up and tried the identity verification but it kept asking for my identity verification even though I’ve done it already. ㅜ I fell into the deep hole of verification so I gave up. ㅠ Does it not work on mobile phones?

🐰 How do you do it on mobile. ㅜ It keeps saying purchasable after identity verification? But I already verified my identity 5 times.

🐰 Tell me please tell me how!! ㅠㅠ

👤 I love you I think I’m hanging on thanks to you!!
↪️🐰 Eleventh grade!!! I hope there aren’t many hardships for you?! Cheer up! Let’s fight against the tough world together!!

👤 If I wave the Korean flag on 4th floor will you look at me?
↪️🐰 Woww hehe I will look for you! I’m planning to watch everyone as close as I can get. 👀👀👀♥️

👤 Choose the concert dress code.
↪️🐰 Of course, it’s BLACK/PINK!

👤 I have a seat!!!
↪️🐰Great. I have a spot on stage, I can even see the members’ nostrils!!!

🐰 I will go now, but today I kind of don’t want to go to bed! But really how do I do it online…? I will try looking for it again… I will succeed and come back!!! Hahaha everyone sleep well and have sweet dreams!! I hope you guys go to sleep happily! Good night I love you BLINKs. ❤ Let’s meet each other soon.


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