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🐰 BLINK good morning! ☀ I woke up early because of the time difference!!! The thing I hear most often from BLINKs these days is about ticketing!! So I came to support BLINKs. 🍀 I am happy to wrap up our 10 month long tour in Seoul and I hope everyone can come and celebrate with us and enjoy!! I hope it can be a happy day for everyone!! I’m very fortunate to have been able to say even this so I’m happy. ☘ BLINKs, I love you so so much. 💟 Good luck today!!!!!!!

👤 Which countries had the best hot pot?
↪️🐰 Paris and LA! kekekekekekeke. 🤣

👤 Did you really film a North American vlog?
↪️🐰 I only filmed in New York and LA. 🥲🥲 *crying*

👤 It’s my first time ticketing so I’m very nervous.
↪️🐰 I want to try too, I’m curious… no I shouldn’t what if I end up with the best seat?!?!

👤 Jisoo, I’m going to go to the front row for sure!!
↪️🐰Then, I’ll make sure to find you. 🤩

👤 Chu, I’m nervous for ticketing.
↪️🐰ㅠㅠ I’ll find you wherever you are. 😎

👤 Unnie! Pick out a concert outfit for me~
↪️🐰 An outfit that will stand out for the dance challenge! Kekekeke.

👤 Unnie, I’m going to skip class at the academy and try my best at ticketing!
↪️🐰OMG!!! You did well!! Since you’ve already decided… you HAVE to come!!! 🍀🤣

👤 If Jisoo doesn’t reply today, I’ll mess up on my college entrance exams…
↪️🐰NO!! Don’t blame me haha you have to do well. 🤣🤣🍀♥️

🐰 Haha I’m going to go!! These days, when I meet BLINK, they’re all worried about ticketing so.. I came by to cheer BLINKs on!! ♥️🍀 I hope you all have good results…!!! Wherever you are, I’ll find you!! Come and let’s have fun together!! Good luck and I love you. ♥️🖤💖


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