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🐰 Happy 7th anniversary BLINKs!

Wow… it’s been 7 years since the number 8 has been special. There were lots of things that happened in between the time when I felt my first flutter until now, which I have become comfortable, and it makes me rethink if I expressed and delivered the grateful and loving feelings that I have.

This year anniversary is more touching to me because we have been touring and meeting BLINKs since last year. Thank you for trusting us, loving us, and supporting us during the long period of time. During those times, I also thought to myself, ‘I’m so happy that we know each other well and are able to support each other’ whenever I listen to the stories from BLINKs whether from fan letters or fan signing events. I also thought, ‘Did the BLINK get the job position (hahaha), did the BLINK take the CSAT well, did the BLINK who wanted to attend our concerts successfully buy a ticket, there are BLINKs studying abroad in other countries and international BLINK who are in Korea also said they gain energy from us, we should work hard for those BLINKs…!!’ I remember thinking that I should put in all my effort on stage for the BLINKs who came from far away.

I realized that BLINKS are the ones that makes me move. Thank you. We always never know the future and there may be various events, and thoughts that cross my mind, but I think what makes me strong is BLINKs’ strong faith in me. BLINKs who made me strong for 7 years! I will become stronger in the future. Let’s be together forever. I hope BLINKs get stronger by watching me grow stronger too. Let’s give strength to each other.

7th anniversary!!! It feels affectionate and precious in different ways. I’m already looking forward to how special our 8th anniversary will get since we debut on August 8th!! Let’s do something fun during that time I love you guys. BLACKPINK will become stronger, overcome obstacles, and improve while enjoying. Please show us lots of love and attention!

Our BLACKPINK members… when I think about our trainee years, we worked for 10 years, and been around each other 24 hours for 7 years. I’m very thankful to have these relationships and grateful again that I have people that I can trust other than my family. Our members, let’s forever protect each other and be together I love you guys.


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