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🐰 Hi hi BLINK 🤍 My hair color comes out differently every time I post a picture here lol but this is the closest…? Why is it so green…? lol I took this to show it to BLINK! I did a good job right? 🙋‍♀️

👤 Heyyy
↪️🐰 Hey 😎

👤 It’s like ash khaki right now!
↪️🐰 I never wanted it to be khaki… But it shows khaki itself…

👤 Unnie! Tomorrow we celebrate the 5th anniversary! 🎉🎉
↪️🐰 Heuheu dugeun dugeun, congratulations BLINK for our anniversary. 🤍

👤 I thought your hair is blonde! But every color looks pretty on you, Jisoo. 💕
↪️🐰 LOL it was last year! Wig!

👤 You look beautiful in any color. 💕
↪️🐰 😍🤍

👤 Jisoo what did you do today!
↪️🐰 I don’t know I don’t know I don’t know 🤪 hehehehe.

🐰 I’m excited for tomorrow since we haven’t seen each other for a long time.

🐰 That… That app…! I think I still have that app…

🐰 Why do you keep acting like it has disappeared already…?

🐰 No, am I wrong…?

🐰 Tomorrow is Sunday, like destiny! Hehehe I’ll see you all tomorrow hehe.

🐰 You can make an appointment, but you have to come to us anytime.

🐰 Tomorrow is our 5th anniversary! Haha dugeun dugeun!

🐰 I don’t know if time goes fast or slow, but it’s our 5th anniversary!

👤 Which one is right about your hair color? What color is it?
↪️🐰 I will say! We’ll know for sure tomorrow…

👤 Can you give me a hint about what time it will be…? I already booked a ticket for ‘THE MOVIE’ what if it’s overlapping? ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ
↪️🐰 Hint…? Um! It’s on our 5th anniversary!

👤 What is the gender of unnie Lisa’s dog?
↪️🐰 Manly male.

👤 Jisoo syddks.
↪️🐰 Hahaha syddks!

👤 The app is so hard to use… I only want to say I miss you.
↪️🐰 Right, it’s hard! LOL thanks for coming hehe.

👤 Your makeup is so pretty. did you do it by yourself?
↪️🐰 Teacher maeng!

👤 What are you going to eat for dinner?
↪️🐰 I know right, hehe I’m hungry.

👤 Have you already met Love (Lisa’s dog)?
↪️🐰 I already met ‘Love’ hehe love love.

👤 I miss you, always take care of yourself.
↪️🐰 BLINK too, health is the top priority! Hehehe.

👤 Tomorrow is BLACKPINK’s day, do you think it will rain tomorrow? lol
↪️🐰 No…! I don’t want to feel moist on this heat…!

👤 Jisoo nuna… I miss you ㅠㅠ corona isn’t letting me see you ㅠㅠ I love you Chu and always wear your mask! ❤
↪️🐰 I also miss you so so much! I’ll greet you when we meet each other hehehe.

👤 OMG ㅠㅠ I saw BLACKPINK 5 years ago for the first time… I’m so proud to be a BLINK since I was in 6th grade. 💗🖤
↪️🐰 Heot! You’re a high schooler now?! I’m honored to take a part in your life. 💟

🐰 Haha our BLINK! I’m… going to eat…! No… I gave up on eating… I’ll sleep! 😴 It’s pretty early in this country to sleep, but I couldn’t sleep last night, so I slept late ㅠㅠ hehe so I’m going to sleep…! I’ll sleep for tomorrow because we have to meet with high energy! Hahaha. Tomorrow is our anniversary so let’s have fun together. 🤍🤍 I love you our BLINK, I miss you, see you tomorrow. 🤍

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