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🐰 Hi BLINK!! Shoongie is here!!! Today is the day my favorite month, December, begins. 🤍 My favorite day should be with my favorites, BLINK hehe. But isn’t it not as cold as you think??? I hope it gets colder and snows heavily! Hehe. It would be hard to go outside! ㅜㅜ Everyone, be careful not to catch a cold!!! I miss you so much and I love you, BLINK. ❤️ The picture that I promised. 👧

👤 Hii.
↪️🐰 Hi hi!! ☃

👤 Annyeong.
↪️🐰 Nyeongan. 😎

👤 Jisoo is the spelling police kekekeke. 😟😟
↪️🐰 No, you’re wrong ㅜㅜ huhu.

👤 It’s me chichi.
↪️🐰 It’s me~ chichi. 😎

👤 The filter is so cute!
↪️🐰 Haha what filter is it..?!

👤 Genius Jisoo, winter iced Americano or lukewarm Americano?
↪️🐰 Of course Iced Americano!!!! I’m the leader.

👤 It snowed a few days. 😬😬😬
↪️🐰 It’s snowing again…

👤 Unnie, I’m going to turn 20 in 30 days!!!
↪️🐰 Oh my, don’t drink. 😟

👤 Unnie how cute do you think BLINKs can be? 🧏‍♀️🤍 (I’m a person who doesn’t like aegyeo’s at all…)
↪️🐰 Oh! Yeah it looks like it!! Kekekekekekekekeke. 🥰

👤 Are you and BLACKPINK okay? I miss you guys so much ( ˘ ³˘)♥
↪️🐰 All of us are fine!!! Don’t worry!!

👤 Are you planning on growing out your bangs again?
↪️🐰 I’m living without thinking that I have bangs!!

👤 I want a reply. 🥺🥺
↪️🐰 🤍 Hi.

👤 Jisoo unnie, I cut my bangs the same as you.
↪️🐰 I don’t have them anymore…

👤 Is Lisa okay? 🥺
↪️🐰 Lisa is very very healthy!!!! Don’t worry hehe.

👤 I’ll think about a way to show Jisoo!!! How crazy I am… 🌳🌳🌳🌳
↪️🐰 Oh! I like trees alot. 👀🤍

👤 Noona, I’m taking my finals today. If you cheer me on I’ll get 1st place!!!!!
↪️🐰 Awesome, so what’s your rank????!

👤 Jisoo unnie, what’s your TMI for today?
↪️🐰 I ate so many apples that my stomach is full.

👤 What’s your favorite winter snack?
↪️🐰 Hotteok!

👤 How is the weather today?🖤💗
↪️🐰 It’s clear and not really cold today! Hehe Clear!

👤 Unnie, what can’t walk even with four legs?
↪️🐰 Table!

👤 I want to dye my hair, what color should I dye it? Can you tell me what color you like?
↪️🐰 I’m thinking about doing black again, I’m suddenly talking about me.

👤 Pineapple pizza or pepperoni pizza?
↪️🐰 Both are super super delicious.

👤 Unnie, do you always charge your phone when you sleep? 🧐
↪️🐰 ?! Such a silly question. No!

👤 You seem to really like the shirt in this photo, don’t you? I see you wear it always.
↪️🐰 It’s my pajama! Keke.

👤 Look at my profile, I’m fast.
↪️🐰 Really fast ㄷㄷ.

👤 Do you have plans to make a Christmas tree? 🎄🎄🎄🎄
↪️🐰 I’m using the same tree I got as a prize the other day! Haha.

👤 Do you have a favorite drink other than iced Americano??
↪️🐰 Chamomile.. Sudden difference.

👤 I feel like we’re super close seeing how you communicate with BLINKs like this… I really like it ㅠ. I love you so so much ㅠㅜ. 💝
↪️🐰 Hehe we’re bestfriends. 💓

👤 Are Jisoo’s bangs as strong as Lisa’s bangs??? 😂😂
↪️🐰 I feel like they’re going to be blown away by the wind from my nose…

👤 Jisoo, drink less iced coffee and drink a lot of warm milk in winter. Wo ai ni. ❤️
↪️🐰 It’s not warm, but I’m drinking a lot of milk kekeke. I’m growing taller. 😎🥰

👤 I want to eat shabu-shabu with genius (Jisoo). 🍲🤍
↪️🐰 Kekeke I want your nickname.

👤 Coffee or soda, which one do you like?
↪️🐰 Coffee!!!!!

👤 Jisoo unnie, is there anything new you want to try before this year ends?
↪️🐰 It’s about to end…?! Keke hmm… Nothing! Kekekekekeke.

👤 What series do you watch these days?
↪️🐰 Simpsons…!

👤 It’s the season of “Helium Gas”. 🎁🎅🏻
↪️🐰 Annyeong Annyeong~ Naneun Jishu ya~

👤 Do you want to go eat ice cream with me?🍨🍨
↪️🐰 Ice cream is too cold. ㅜ I’ll drink iced Americano!

👤 Jisoo turtle and rabbit Kim unnie, do you like ice cream in winter?
↪️🐰 Jisoo turtle rabbit Kim’s answer is…!!!! She doesn’t eat it much, even in the summer…

👤 Why did you color the tip of your finger?
↪️🐰 Right, why did I do that?

👤 Shoongie do you know the milk song? It was something like… “I like milk~” it’s the song that I liked when I was young. 🥛
↪️🐰 I know only the carrot song, put milk in the carrot song and sing it!!
↪️🐰 I love milk, and carrots!!

🐰 Hehe I’m going to go now!!! Let’s have a happy December!!! Hehe be careful not to catch a cold! Thank you for always being with us, love you. BLINKs have a nice meal. ❤️

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