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JENNIE on Weverse

🐻 BLINK. 🍑 How is everyone?! Everyone came after watching my story right haha. For a while, I was too shy to post but I mustered up the courage to post, so enjoy, even though I made mistakes and I’m not very good. I miss everyone so much. ✨ The pic is a sunset selfie I like. 🌞

🐻 I haven’t eaten lunch haha.

🐻 I miss you BLINK. 🖤🖤🖤

👤 Today’s TMI?
↪️🐻 I started the day today with a cup of coffee!

🐻 Menu for lunch… the weather is good so I will eat food that I eat often… sandwich?

👤 I see Kuma’s face in yours…
↪️🐻 It amazes me too sometimes…

👤 I miss BLACKPINK at award shows.
↪️🐻 I look up videos sometimes too. 🙊

👤 What is a thing you lose the most?
↪️🐻 Um… lip balm?

🐻 Don’t get sick and make sure to eat well! 🤍 I’ll come again.

cr. 젠바 & BLACKPINK Weverse

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