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JENNIE on Weverse

🐻 BLINKs. You guys are doing well right? Our tour that was really long finally ended!!! It doesn’t feel real and I still feel like I need to prepare for another concert tomorrow, but it’s really really the end. You guys don’t know how much strength you guys gave us with your support every week and lovely messages. Thank you so much. But! There’s another reason I’ve came here. You guys have asked me something for a long time right? Due to situations, it took longer than expected but it’s almost finished and will approach BLINKs like a gift. I would say it’s like a gift that finishes the Born Pink tour… It’s like a small reply to BLINKs who came to support us no matter rain, snow, wind, or strong heat… so I hope you guys like the gift. 🎁 This is the only thing I can tell you guys, but it’s coming. I’m only letting BLINKs know. I couldn’t take much pictures during the Seoul concert. ㅠㅠ So I couldn’t post much, sorry. Instead, I monitored pictures and videos our BLINKs took hehehe. Thank you so so so much my BLINKs, let’s meet soon bye~

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