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🐻 BLINKs come, Jendeuk is here.

🐻 Hi.

🐻 I have so many pictures to upload…

🐻 To be honest, I think I have pictures from a month ago.

🐻 I have to organize them and organize them again, edit, decide on the order and caption before uploading and it’s not easy…

🐻 And also I’ve been recovering my health and strength slowly so you don’t have to worry. 😉 I’ve eaten lots of delicious foods since I came to Korea.

👤 I commented that I was waiting for your pictures at Sydney, but I have to admit, having lots of pictures to organize is bothersome… 😅
↪️🐻 I know right
↪️🐻 Why are there two comments?

👤 Unnie, what will you do if BLINKs turn into cockroaches?
↪️🐻 Sorry…

👤 Half of 2023 is gone now…
↪️🐻 That’s what I’m saying.

👤 When will you turn on a live? ㅠㅠ
↪️🐻 You want one?

🐻 Oh, I got it now, I’ll try again. Is it because I didn’t turn this on?! ☺️

🐻 I hope the day comes where I can do everything BLINKs want~ Let’s do everything one by one, thank you for always giving me strength/support.

🐻 The system for replying here doesn’t make it seem like we’re having a conversation. ㅜㅜ

🐻 Anyways I came to say this. I’m always so thankful and I like you a lot BLINKs.

🐻 I’ll try my best to look for BLINKs at Hyde Park.

🐻 I’m going to go now! Make sure to eat well, don’t overheat, don’t get sick, and enjoy the weekend. See you soon BLINKs.

👤 Unnie! What if BLINKs turned into a capybara?
↪️🐻 I think I’ll hug you every single day.

🐻 I’m going to go now. ☺️ I’ll try to muster up the courage to go li.. live haha, I hope everyone enjoys their day, bye~

cr. 젠바

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