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Happy ROSÉ Day

Hello, BLINK! Here’s today’s surprise quiz!

Q. When is today Rose’s birthday?

Please check out Rose’s message for the answer! (๑•᎑<๑)ー☆

It’s a message for BLINK who we miss. Rose’s message and ❤️ Rose’s birthday plan 🖍 Check it out right now! 💌

With warm congratulations and support. Thank you for making ROŚE’s birthday shine. Thank you to all the BLINKs. 💓

Place you want to go?
I don’t have one?

Rosé’s birthday look?
A dress? Hi. 👗

Food you want to eat?
Seaweed soup. 🍲

Words you want to hear?
Happy 25th Birthday!!! 👏

Hi BLINKs. ♡ I’m Rosé, who turned 25 again this year. 🌰 I’m so happy for my 25th (26th) birthday because there are BLINKs who always congratulate me on my birthday. Thanks to BLINKs, I can be confident in what I do, and feel that I’m loved all the time. As I turned 25 (26) this year, I will become more mature and become a Rosé who can repay as much as I’ve been loved by BLINKs. Let’s make 2022 a wonderful and enjoyable year together. I miss you, and I love you more than words can express. 💖

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