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Happy JISOO Day

Hello, BLINK! It’s 🐰 Rabbit Chuu’s birthday, which is cuter than a rabbit! Jisoo’s message with love for BLINK. I want to have a happy birthday. ❤️ Chuu’s birthday plan. Thank you to BLINK who wished JISOO a happy birthday. I hope JISOO and BLINK are all happy this year. 💖 Check it out right now! ೖ(⑅σ̑ᴗσ̑)ೖ

Where do you want to go on your birthday?
Sofa at my home ♡

What are you going to wear on your birthday?
Pajamas ♡

What food do you want to eat most on your birthday?
Kimchi pancake ♡ (made by my mom)

What do you want to hear the most on your birthday?
Happy birthday. Just being congratulated makes me happy.

BLINK <3 Hello~ It’s me Jisoo! It’s already 2022 and my birthday has come!! Thanks to BLINK’s birthday wishes, I was able to see you happily. Thank you so much. <3 I hope this year will be a happy year with BLINKS. I’ll be “JISOO” who can respond to BLINKs love. <3 I always love you! Please take care of us in 2022.

cr. i60808

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