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Happy JENNIE Day

Hello, BLINK! What’s the prettiest dumpling in the world? It’s Jen.Dum.Pling! 🥟 Today is JENNIE’s birthday! ♡ Jendeukie’s message to BLINKs who I’m thankful for, 🖍 Jen’s birthday plan ❤, who wants to have a cozy birthday, check it out right now! (੭•͈ 𓎺 •͈)੭✧

A place you want to go to on your birthday?

JENNIE’s birthday look.
Cozy knitwear..? >< 🧣

Food you want to eat on your birthday.
Seaweed soup. 🍲

Words you want to hear the most on your birthday.
Happy birthday. ♡.♡


BLINK. ♡ This year I was also able to spend a warm birthday with a lot of congratulations. 🙂 I’m always so grateful and happy when I remember BLINKs. I am always greatful and I miss you. From Jendeuk. ♡

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