SocialsBLACKPINK’s Chuseok Wish for BLINK 🌕

BLACKPINK’s Chuseok Wish for BLINK 🌕

JISOO's Chuseok Wish

I hope everyone can stay healthy and enjoy the rest of the year. 💕


JENNIE's Chuseok Wish

Spend the rest of the year, happily, with our BLINK. 😘


ROSÉ's Chuseok Wish

BLINK! Happy Chuseok. 💖 During this Chuseok, eat lots and lots of good food and return back to everyday life, content and healthy!! Haha. See you again real soon BLINK. 💕

LISA's Chuseok Wish

Our BLINKs. 😍 Eat lots of good food and I hope you all enjoy the rest of the year.

cr. 젠바

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