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BLACKPINK’s Chuseok Messages on Weverse

JENNIE’s Message

To BLINKs, that I’ve missed~ Enjoy your Chuseok. 🙂 It’s slowly getting colder so be more mindful of your health and I hope you enjoy Chuseok. 🤍

JISOO’s Message

BLINK. 🤍 Without fail, Chuseok came again this year! If you think of Chuseok, you think of songpyeon! I like chesnut songpyeons the best~ BLINKs, make sure to eat songpyeons and lots of Chuseok foods and I hope you’ll enjoy the holidays~ I miss you always and I love you. 🤍

ROSÉ’s Message

Happy Chuseok BLINKs. 💛 Why does Chuseok come around so quickly! It feels like time goes by too fast; it feels like it was Chuseok the day before yesterday! BLINK, eat lots of good food and enjoy a Chuseok where you can recharge, this year too!

LISA’s Message

Hello BLINKeu! Eat delicious songpyeons, wish upon the full moon, and enjoy a safe Chuseok with people that are precious to you! BLINKs, I miss you and I love you. 🤍

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