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BLACKPINK Online Fansign Event

💕 It’s been a while since I met BLINK. It was such a fun and happy time! Thank you for making a special memory. BLINK, thank you! 🖤💖


  • Nguyễn Hoàng Lan Anh


  • Flora

    I'm sad, I never got to meet blackpink. I've been a blink ever since 2021. I wish I can meet u guys one day :)

    • Zoe

      I'm a really big Blink and now i am so sad that i can never meet BlackPink. Everyday i am sitting in my room an have to cry because of this.😭

  • Dena Reynolds

    My best friend here in pharmacy school LOVES BlackPink and I wanted to do something for her. I just wish I could get something from BlackPink for her or get her to an event. Since she is from Guam it is hard on her to get to their concert. Is there a way I could get her to an event in Dallas area?

  • Aish Sandhu

    love you black pink i always want to meet you but how i cry when i see blinks meeting you i am a baby blink and i love you

  • levi’s

    meet this cute energetic talented girls in Singapore upclose on their concert…and i can say this group deserves all the recognition respect and praises. im not a blink but i love them 🥰il definitely go on next concert🥰

  • Abigail

    Hi I love blackpink so much and I always see other blinks that are so lucky to meet you guys and I get really sad but I still watch imagining that I could be that blink meeting you

  • Zoe

    My little sister ist also a big blink and she is 5 years old.

  • Natty

    I'm a BLINK from Europe. It was planned that I would go to Paris to meet BLACKPINK but sadley I didn't go I love u sooooooooooo much BLACKPINK

  • Flora

    I live in Indiana, US but Blackpink goes pretty much everywhere but here. I am so sad, I can probably never see Blackpink.

  • marisa

    Hi I love blackpink so much and i am soo unluck because i cant come to your concert.

  • Magadhi

    I have been listening to K-pop forever without knowing it is K-pop but now I am literally living my life with Blackpink Blackpink pls don’t do do this to us there might be hate but the millions of blinks out there will do anything to help and support Blackpink pls don’t disband

  • Milena

    I am a big BLINK and I really want to meet you. Unfortunately, I live in Poland and there will definitely be no concert or fan meeting here because it is not a large and well-known country. Please organize a concert or fan meeting near Poland. There are a lot of BLINKS here. For example in the Czech Republic, Slovakia or in Germany close to the border.

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