News“On The Ground” & ”LALISA” Were Included on the 21 Best Korean Music Videos of 2021 by Rolling Stone India

“On The Ground” & ”LALISA” Were Included on the 21 Best Korean Music Videos of 2021 by Rolling Stone India

15. “On The Ground” – Rosé

BLACKPINK’s Rosé brings all the drama and glamour in her solo debut music video “On The Ground.” Best described as a pop galore, packed with breathtaking visuals and a heartening message, “On The Ground” brought Rosé’s listeners closer to her mindset and artistry.

Aesthetically beguiling and cinematic, the single is a tribute to Roseanne Park — her identity before she debuted with BLACKPINK. It’s a message reinforced towards the end of the music video, where she is seen gazing upon a younger version of herself who’s cheerfully playing the piano. The frame instantly reminds you of the group’s Netflix documentary BLACKPINK: Light Up The Sky, where a young, bubbly Rosé is playing on the piano.

With oversized hats, jewel-embellished dresses and luxurious fur coats, the vocalist dials up the drama, maintaining an air of opulence and swank. The wardrobe and makeup play an integral part in the visual storytelling, as we see the shift between Rosé and Roseanne Park marked by a shift in appearances. While Rosé is effortlessly glamorous with her high-end wardrobe, Roseanne Park introduces us to a delicate side of the singer, one donned daisy-shaped hair clips and soft make-up looks.

The music video concludes on a picturesque note with Rosé levitating over a lush field, packed with fully bloomed pink and white roses. Paired with her breathy vocals and electro-pop soundscape, “On The Ground” captivated audiences from the get-go. – D.D.

4. “Lalisa” – Lisa 

Coming in fourth, we have BLACKPINK member Lisa’s electrifying lead single “Lalisa” from her solo debut album of the same name. Brimming with power and grandiose, the bold track expresses her unabashed desire to be adored for who she is, and is a celebration of everything that makes her Lisa..

Keeping in line with YG Entertainment’s god-tier production levels, the high-budget music video showcases the different, versatile shades of the artist. The first scene opens up with the Thai rapper confidently strutting down an alleyway lit up with neon signs, after which she transforms into a badass biker chick and a suit-clad special agent deployed with the task forces, followed by a seamless transition into a sultry, enigmatic pole dancer where the main dancer shows off her flawless skills, and finally a girl-next-door avatar.

However, the highlight of the video by far comes in the rap bridge; sitting atop a gilded throne, adorned by a crystal-embellished, hand-embroidered gold brocade costume and the traditional Thai ‘Rad Klao Yod’ headgear, Lisa pays homage to her roots as she launches into a fiery rap verse.

Overall, the music video is a celebration of the 24-year-old’s unique signature style — both in music and fashion — her Thai heritage and of course her stellar skills as a dancer. – O.M.

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