NewsHappy Birthday ROSÉ 🎉

Happy Birthday ROSÉ 🎉

Any message to BLINKs who congratulated your birthday?

BLINKs! It’s Chaeyoung. I turned 26 today! Finally escaping 25!! Hahaha. When did time fly by so fast!! I think I grew so well under the love of BLINKs hehehe. BLINKs, you guys are doing well right?

These days, I’ve been meeting BLINKs from all around the world and I feel like BLINKs from each country have their own unique characteristics, and I feel like I’m getting to know BLINKs more. 26 Rosé!! Please look forward to it hehe. I always say this, but thank you so much for staying beside me and being my strength and thank you for supporting everything I do. I will work hard to become a better singer in the future too. ^^ This year, there are big schedules and I’m so nervous and worried but!! I will overcome it and work hard for a cool performance. Please support me BLINKs!!! Fighting!! Thank you to all my BLINKs who sent me birthday wishes and I miss you all so much. Let’s meet again soon with smiling faces!! Love you BLINKs.

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