NewsHappy Birthday JISOO 🎉

Happy Birthday JISOO 🎉

Any message to BLINKs who congratulated your birthday?

🐰 It’s my 7th birthday which I celebrate with BLINKs! When I first got celebrated I thought, “Wow I can’t believe I got so many birthday wishes from so many people” and I realize how it is a blessing and a big happiness for many people to send me birthday wishes even to this day. So I’m very thankful for BLINKs and I want to say thank you for making me a happy person like this.

Just like how I feel right now, I want to return the love by doing my best at everything I do and show you guys my good sides so that you guys can feel happiness and receive energy from us. As much as the memories we made together are special, I hope we can continue to keep our destined relationship in a precious way and I hope you guys are always healthy and hope your days are filled with happy events. I will spend a special day too, like no other day, under the birthday wishes many people have sent me! My loving BLINKa! Let’s make many memories this year too! I love you!

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  • Ian

    happy birthday from Sydney Australia :)

  • Shragvee limaye

    Hey jisoo happy birthday I want to send you a drawing of you I'm 9 yrs old . But I don't know how to do it please tell me how

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