NewsBLACKPINK to Make a Comeback in August, “Record High Production Cost Invested”

BLACKPINK to Make a Comeback in August, “Record High Production Cost Invested”

Girl group BLACKPINK kicked off their M/V shoot, notifying the beginning of their mega comeback.

YG Entertainment said on the 26th that “BLACKPINK members’ (JISOO, JENNIE, ROSÉ, LISA) M/V shoot is in full swing.”

YG then added “We’ve invested the highest production cost so far in the music video. Everything is proceeding smoothly as we prepared for this under strict plans.”

Starting off with their comeback in August, BLACKPINK will carry out various new projects related to the new song, and kick off their world-tour in the greatest scale ever.

YG had previously said “We prepared a number of intense sounds that’s full of BLACKPINK, which took a long time for us to complete. Major projects that live up to the group’s reputation will be carried out continuously.”

BLACKPINK’s comeback as a group comes in a year and 10 months. They previously released ‘How You Like That’ back in June 2020, which was a pre-release title, following ‘Ice Cream’ in August, a special collaboration song, and ‘THE ALBUM’ in October, which was their first full album.

Despite the fact that the group had limitations with their activities due to the surge in COVID-19 cases at the time, the group renewed most of their first, best, and most record simply with their music and music video.

As YG notified of various projects related to the new-song with the comeback, attention is being paid to the specific details and schedule. As the group is becoming more influential in the global music market day by day, interest is now being paid to what kind of new records they’ll set this time around.

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