InterviewsROSÉ Interview With GQ Korea (May 2023)

ROSÉ Interview With GQ Korea (May 2023)

How was Kaohsiung?

It was so nice. I’ve been to Taiwan a few times, but it was my first time going to Kaohsiung. Kaohsiung’s energy is hard to explain in words, and I received a lot of that energy.

You’re talking about BLINKs’ energy, right?

Both. Kaohsiung city itself was great, and also it was so nice to meet Kaohsiung BLINKs.

Is there a scene that you still remember?

The support and love that they sent us.

It’s more about emotions than scenes?

Yes, they came all the way to the airport, waited until we got off work, and greeted us. The
windows of our car don’t go down for security reasons. So they probably couldn’t see us from outside, but they stayed until the end and waved their hands. It was so affectionate.

You finished the “Born Pink” Kaohsiung show well, and now you’re wearing Saint Laurent in front of the camera. Aren’t you tired?

No, I’m having fun. Because I love this work.

Where does that energy come from?

That’s a difficult question. I’m curious about that, too. (laughs)

If I take a hint from your previous answer, isn’t it because it’s a work that you love?

That’s right. I get energy from meeting BLINKs, and doing performances. I often feel tired when I go somewhere else, but when I see BLINK as the car door opens, my fatigue is relieved.

It’s magical.

Blinks are like magic. They’re also a gift to me. I like both words so I’ll just say ‘a magical gift”.

How was today’s shoot?

I was so into it. Expressing something in Saint Laurent that I love so much is more than just a feeling of joy. Those strange joys? I think I had a lot of fun filming it.

What does Saint Laurent mean to you?

Well, it definitely exists in me… Can you give me a minute?


I think Saint Laurent brings out my inner self-confidence more
clearly. It makes me more bold.


Yes, confidence. Sometimes you have questions about yourself. Whether it’s emotions, thoughts, whatever. Whenever I had that question, I think Saint Laurent convinced me. It gave me confidence that what I think and what I express now are right. So, although Saint Laurent is a brand, I feel like it’s alive.

How’s Paris?

It’s a city I love so much. It feels new every time I go. But now that I think about it, it’s like that in every city. The second time feels more new than the first time, and the third time, I get more curious.

Also every city welcomes Rosé with open arms.

A feeling of being welcomed, right. I like the moment when everyone greets me. It makes me happy.

Recently, you posted on social media to celebrate the 2nd anniversary of your solo album “R”.

It’s a special album to me, so I wanted to celebrate it. Also I wanted to thank everyone.

Rosé, how do you remember “R”? Is there anything different from the beginning?

Since it was my first single album, the meaning of the album, the energy I put into it, and the love I received are all special and precious memories. It won’t get blurry over time.

As time goes by, your love for the album got deeper, right?

Yes, |Iwas worried about the album at first. To be honest, I wondered if “R” is really an album that expresses me perfectly.


It was a pandemic at the time. So I couldn’t feel the fans’ reactions. Of course, there were
reactions that are delivered online. I think it was because I really wanted to meet BLINKs on stage.

You can definitely feel BLINKs’ reactions nowadays.

That’s right. I’ve been showing my performances during the world tour. I feel the vivid feelings and the anticipated reactions that I missed when I released the album. Every single time, as much as I want. So I’m getting more and more attached to my solo album.

Did the worries and questions that we talked about in the beginning get resolved?

Now I know for sure that I’m satisfied with my solo album. Actually, I wasn’t sure before. “Was this really my best?” I had this small thought on one side of my mind. But those thoughts are completely gone now.

I think your thirst was probably for the stage, and BLINKs.

Exactly. The stage and BLINKs were everything to me.

What do you think “R” left for Rosé?

It wasn’t just a mini album, but a project to find my character and taste. I got to know what kind of person I am, and what I’m after while making the album. So “R” is not just an album but also a work of art to me.

Are Rosé as BLACKPINK and Rosé as a solo artist different?

Well, I actually didn’t know that before. But I think I know for sure now. Is it because I’m learning?

That it’s different?

Yes, there’s definitely a complete image that I have to show as BLACKPINK. Stronger, and more energetic side of me. But it’s different when I perform as a solo artist. There’s a bit of boredom mixed in, and there’s a lot of soft images overall. I used to say “Rosé is Rosé”, but not anymore. I’m learning that | have to absorb and express various images little by little. It’s fun.

What’s the identity that needs to be made clear between the two?

My preference. I hope my preference doesn’t change when I’m BLACKPINK or when I’m solo. I hope my taste, my style, is always clear.

You’ll be on stage as Coachella’s headliner soon, right? Congratulations.

Thank you. It’s like a dream. I couldn’t say anything when I first heard the news. I was so
surprised. It was a movie-like moment for us.

Even though you’ve already experienced and achieved several movie-like moments?

No (laughs) It’s something I’ve been dreaming of for a long time. I never thought I’d headline Coachella. It was already so nice just to perform in Coachella.

You achieved another dream.

I still can’t believe it. Is this real? I think I’ll know for sure when I go on stage. And then I’ll think, “My dream has come true.”

What can you tell me if I ask you about the dreams you still have?

Well, I don’t know if this is the right answer. I’ve been working hard towards my dream, but I’m still looking for something. Headspace. So I’m learning how to give myself enough headspace little by little these days.

Did you find any answers?

Yes. Being nicer to myself.

Are you strict with yourself?

Yes, I tend to do it until the end. I don’t like to leave things ambiguous. I’d rather do it until I’m satisfied. I think I was always satisfied when I went to the end.

But what made you change your mind?

I used to want myself to be more nervous. Because I was sure there was a lot to be missed if I didn’t get more nervous. But at some point, I thought that there are a lot of things to gain when I have a relaxed mind. It seemed that new things, like inspiration and ideas, were born from there. I was amazed by these changes.

I think you’re finding the answer well.

Even if it’s not necessarily the right answer, there’s definitely something you get in the process of finding the answer. But if you know yourself well, you won’t go wrong.

A belief in oneself.

Yes, there are times when I’m scared, too. But every time I trusted myself, I think the results were good. ‘Myself’ not anyone else. Then, you will realize that you are a person who can do more than you think. I’d like to tell this if someone is hesitating in front of a certain beginning.

Like Rosé?

Much more than me. Trust yourself. Then there won’t be anything wrong.

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