InterviewsLISA “LALISA” Media Showcase

LISA “LALISA” Media Showcase

Lisa of BLACKPINK said during her showcase that it was the first time she got rid of her bangs during the photo shoot of her new album, adding that fans should be surprised about her new image!

Lisa said her new album has a lot of “Thai” elements, her hometown. She said she asked Teddy, one of the head producers for YG, that she wanted to add some Thailand-style beats and that fans should be excited about her music video.

“You know who I am.” Lisa said her new song, “Lalisa,” is a mixture of brass riff sounds that spell out dynamic rhythms, together with her rapping abilities and dance moves, with a little bit of Thai in it.

Lisa also talked about her bandmates during the online press conference. She said being the third member to stretch the solo leg was a burden, but the girls came to visit her during her four-day-long music video shooting. How sweet!

Oh my goodness. I have to do this. This is my song.


Apart from her title track, Lisa of also spoke about her sidetrack “Money.” She said, “Oh my goodness. I have to do this. This is my song,” came out as soon as she heard the tune. She explained the song as a “hip-hop-based track with an addictive hook.”

Lisa of also spoke about how she is not able to make more memories to cherish with fans because of the ongoing pandemic. But she said she’s currently working on various contents through her official YouTube channel Lilifilm to ease her bummer!

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