InterviewsJISOO Interview With GQ Korea (February 2023)

JISOO Interview With GQ Korea (February 2023)

Even though it’s late, Happy Birthday. This birthday party was full of Hello Kitty right?

(Hahaha) Thank you. That’s right! My friends filled it with Hello Kitty and prepared a birthday meal for me. Many people contacted me after looking at my Instagram. They were like ‘Hello Kitty means that much to you’ (laughs).

What did you wish for when you blew out the candles?

I wasn’t able to make one. If you light a candle, the candle wax falls off quickly. When people around me said, “hurry, make a wish”, “hurry, blow the candles”, so I couldn’t think of anything. Then, I put my hands together and blew out the candles.

How about making a wish now?

(Closes eyes for a bit) I made a wish!

What did you wish?

Well, I don’t know if it’s because I’m an adult now but I wished, “please make me healthy and happy this year “. When I was young, like when I was really a kid, I used to wish stuff like I want to have this, or please let me do this, but these days, I just want good health, happiness~, the end!

A while ago during the middle of the shoot, you were watching the monitor for a long time.

Today’s shoot was very new. And the concept was very new. I had thought a lot about what I could do to express what I wanted to express. With that in mind, I think that’s why I was staring at the monitor a lot.

The results were all great. Especially the neutral expressions and poses.

I thought I should be a bit tough today because I was thrown into a chic space. It was hard. It’s known that I’m not good at “holding my laughter.” I kept repeating “charisma, charisma” in my head… hahaha! I’m still embarrassed. Anyway, I tried hard to hold in my laughter.

You’re on an Asia tour right now, right? I’m sure there’s an energy that you can feel only on the world tour.

Of course. It’s overwhelming to meet so many fans in person. To a certain extent, I think I gain superhuman strength. There’s a saying that you automatically gain strength, right? It’s really like that.

What kind of energy do you think that strength is?

Courage? I forget all the uncertainty and worries I had before the concert. I know BLINKs will cheer for us, so I get courage again! I gain it.

Even a veteran like JISOO needs courage?

Of course. You need courage to try new things and keep going forward.

I’m sure you were also touched? When “everybody sings along.”

I don’t think it’s easy for foreign fans to memorize Korean? However the fans “sing along” in Korean to our songs. When you listen to it abroad, it’s more touching, and there are many times that emotions similar to joy often spread like goosebumps.

Recently, you opened a YouTube channel called “Happiness Jisoo 103%”. Just in time for your birthday.

Did you see it?

Of course. How was it doing YouTube?

It’s fun. The members say the feeling is a little different from what I planned for the first time, but it’s fun for me anyway. (laughs).

For example?

I’m embarrassed, but I’m actually pursuing a sentimental vlog. Keke. So “LONDON Vlog is written on the thumbnail, and the font is thin. (Suddenly in a quiet voice) The font has to be thin to make it sentimental! Haha. I also put calm music in the intro. I made it thinking only about “sentimental” things like this?

But the members don’t feel that way.

Yes. Looking at it again, I talked a lot? My intention was, “This is the London vibes”, but I couldn’t find London on the London vlog… (laughs)

When I saw JISOO in the vlog, I felt like you had a lot of curiosity.

That’s right. I always have question marks in my head like, “Why?” “What?” “What is it?” If you’re curious, you have to ask, right? Maybe that’s why, but watching the vlog, I was playing well by myself? (laughs) I wanted to create a quiet screen full of emotions, but I think I’ll put it that I found a new side of Jisoo.

So when is the second episode coming up? I’m curious about the “emotions” that Jisoo talked about until it was run out and worn.

I’m thinking about it. I’m filming from time to time. I even filmed the photo shoot site earlier. I’m going to do it slowly and one by one because I think I’ll get nervous if I set the upload schedule. However, so the term is not too long.

Like YouTube. Is there anything else you want to try? Whether it’s music or whatever.

I enjoy listening to band music. I like music with a lot of instrumental sounds. There’s a song that I covered as a solo called “Clarity”, and I like that kind of rock feeling. Or a totally fierce/explosive dance song? (laughs)

A fierce/explosive dance song? Isn’t this genre already done?

After I’ve been performing a lot, I’ve been gradually thinking more about the stage. Rock and ballad are all good, but when you imagine the stage or think about the audience’s reactions, you need to have a dance composition.

What about outside of the music?

Ah, it’s been a while since I dyed my hair. I’ve been using these colors for awhile, so I want to dye my hair brighter next time. That’s why I’m thinking about it these days. Hehe.

This year is 7 years since debut?

Yes. In August it’ll be 7 years.

Every moment is precious, but the number 7 is special. What kind of times would you like to fill this year with?

Hmm… the times when I can shine as a singer.

Can you explain it in more detail?

We have a lot of performances left this year. There’s a “Coachella” stage there within that! (Hahaha!) We are going to be a headliner this year at Coachella, and I want to prepare much better for that. And for the UK’s “Hyde Park” performance in July, too.

Come to think of it, you’ve been performing steadily since last year.

That’s right. I was so happy last year. Even this Asia tour that I’m on, my happy heart is big. I’m enjoying it. It felt new. I really like the feeling of being on stage with BLINKs, so I want to do it for longer and more.

Then how was the past 7 years as “JISOO” instead of BLACKPINK?

Just Jisoo. I was Jisoo. I’m glad I didn’t change. Looking back, there were enough times and
opportunities that I could have changed, but I haven’t changed. I want to stay my true self. My personality, tendencies too.

You’re so cool. An attitude that doesn’t change.

I think it’s probably because I have a strong heart that values me.

But how about when you’re not ‘BLACKPINK’ JISOO? As I listened to the story, I suddenly became curious.

I think ‘BLACKPINK JISOO and “JISOO” as a person are definitely different. I’m not talking about the personality or what you see, but the lifestyle. I’m completely different. (laughs)

It’s suddenly exciting. How?

I become a sloth. I change like hibernating bear.

Because you slept a lot?

Yes. I really only sleep. Even on Christmas, on my birthday. Ah! I thought I’ll have to watch the bell ring on the 31st, so I woke up briefly and clapped~! And then went back to sleep.

But isn’t that because you’re tired from the tour schedule?

It was always like that. When I was in middle school, I only slept during vacation. Let me tell you how much it was. Turn off your cell phone. I’ll sleep tight. It’s something like this.

Actually, this was the last question. This is a question from a comment in the “London Vlog” episode, how does JISOO increase her happiness index?

I think the answer has already come out. Honestly, I sleep a lot. I love sleeping. Is it because I dream a lot?

I guess dreams are generally good dreams.

I think I dream a lot in various ways. I become a spy and an adventurer. It’s very spectacular, right? Kekeke. What’s more amazing is that even if I wake up in the middle, drink water, and sleep again, that dream continues. Interesting right!

Oh… really.

That’s why in the past, my dream was to become a writer. Because I dream a lot. I’m going to write down those dreams and write them into novels. There are a few things that I wrote down.

I don’t know what we were talking about that we got to this point. Anyways, we’ll leave it as
we’ve answered BLINK’s questions.

Sleep is also sleep, but I think it’s good to see people around me enjoying and being happy these days. At times like that, I think the happiness I receive is greater than what I give? I think it’s better to raise the happiness index like this. More than sleeping.

cr. xx_turtle_

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