InterviewsJENNIE Interview With Harper’s Bazaar Korea (October 2023)

JENNIE Interview With Harper’s Bazaar Korea (October 2023)

You just finished shooting the cover photo shoot for Bazaar and Jacquemus. Which cut did you like best?

It was fun and enjoyable to be able to take pictures with a brand that I enjoy wearing and that I personally like. I liked the white off-shoulder top with a balloon silhouette the most. When I wore that outfit in front of the sky background, I felt like I was wearing clouds!

When it comes to the relationship between the brand Jacquemus and Jennie, your friendship with Simon cannot be left out. How did you two become close?

I especially remember our first meeting. Even though it was our first time meeting, Simon treated me very kindly, so the more we talked, the more we were able to easily find common ground. We are similar in that we both like trying new things and are not afraid of challenges. We are people looking for fun and new things.

You completed an 11-month tour of large stadiums and arenas in 34 cities and are planning to hold the finale at Gocheok Dome in Seoul. Where did the strength to successfully complete the long-term tour come from?

The biggest driving force is, of course, BLINKs. I think we were able to complete the world tour safely thanks to the love we received from BLINKs from all over the world. I would like to always say thank you to the fans who created unforgettable and precious memories at every moment. I am thrilled to conclude my long world tour in Seoul. I hope BLINKs like it as it is our largest concert in Korea!

What changes do artists experience after performing on a big stage?

I feel like I get a lot of energy. After finishing the highly anticipated Coachella, I felt the greatest sense of gratitude and accomplishment. It’s a stage I’ve dreamed of since I was young, and I was touched that it was actually completed successfully in front of such a large audience.

You honestly revealed your daily life through YouTube vlogs. I found it interesting that you mainly visited restaurants or showed behind-the-scenes footage of campaign filming locations.

Since this is a video that literally records my daily life, it contains a natural look. Since the pandemic, meeting fans in person has not been as easy as it used to be, so I needed a way to show myself in a more friendly and comfortable way, and I think that’s what vlogs are. I still feel nervous and awkward every time I take a photo.

I remember thinking about whether or not to buy another bucket hat at a select shop. I sympathize with people like Jennie who still worry when choosing items even though they already have many items with similar designs. Do you have any rules of your own when it comes to dressing in everyday life?

The most important thing is the vibe of the day. I tend to choose clothes according to my TPO, but based on how I feel. On days when I have trouble with styling, I think it’s best to choose the most basic item.

What does it mean to you to consistently record your daily life?

I think of it as something like a diary. The moments of that day that cannot be captured in words are recorded in images and reminisced by looking at the photos.

Recently, on a BBC podcast hosted by Dua Lipa, you spoke about the secret to not losing one’s identity during rigorous training, saying, “You shouldn’t lose yourself to satisfy the people you work with.” Did that realization ultimately come with time and experience?

Of course, you may become more confident as time and experience accumulate, but I think it was a promise I made to myself a long time ago. I have always believed that only by showing my individuality in front of many people and not losing my sense of self can I steadfastly walk my own path.

Is there something you say to yourself or remind yourself when you feel nervous or down?

It’s still the hardest part, but lately I think I’ve been reminding myself to love myself as I am. When I think like that, whatever I do becomes the most perfect thing for me. The process is almost like meditation, and I feel like it relieves my tension and makes me more confident.

This year, you had a variety of experiences, including participating in the Cannes International Film Festival and attending the Met Gala. When receiving numerous offers, is there a standard you follow?

It was a new experience that I had never experienced before. Although I was very nervous, I was happy to be with my colleagues, and it was another opportunity to learn through new experiences. As I continue working, I sometimes find myself falling into a stable path or choosing an easy path without realizing it. Whenever that happens, I try to look back at myself when I first started and think about my original intention. I tend to reflect on my desire to do well without being afraid of any challenge.

I recently met with an overseas press who worked with you, and the first word they brought out was ‘professional’. What do you think ‘professionalism’ is?

Thinking about every little detail and creating good synergy so that everyone working together can be satisfied with not only the results but also the process.

You celebrated your 7th anniversary since your debut. What is the biggest change between Jennie at 20 and Jennie now?

I think it’s something that has allowed me to gain a lot of experience as an artist and as a person. When deciding or contemplating something, I think I can make better choices based on the experiences I have accumulated, thereby reducing trial and error. Based on those times, I am learning how to communicate with the world in my own way.

What concept or song genre would you like to try in your next album?

I am making Jennie’s own and most Jennie-like things. Please look forward to it!

What does Jacquemus mean to Jennie?

A friend who always brings joy.

Lastly, if you could tell us one sentence or word that describes Jennie today, what would it be?

Le D’epart (departure).

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