InterviewsInterview With BLACKPINK (November 2016)

Interview With BLACKPINK (November 2016)

You seem to have good team-work. What do the other members mean to you?

JISOO: We’ve been together and relied on each other for such a long time, so we just can’t live without the others. Every one of our team is so important. I wanna be with them for my entire life.

JENNIE: We’ve spent more time together than with our own families, so we’re like real sisters in our everyday lives. I feel as if we’re close friends who became one team, rather than we’re bound as a team by somebody else.

LISA: Every one of our team has different strengths, so we talk about good things about each other.

ROSÉ: As the four of us are all different, we make up for the other’s weaknesses, while trusting and recognizing each other as well.

You got this AAA rookie award thanks to fans’ great support. What do you want to say to fans?

JISOO: I’m really grateful that we’ve been loved so much even though it’s been only a few months since our debut. We’ll continue to show you better performances, so please keep your interest in us. Love you!

JENNIE: From the days of training, I’ve always been concerned about whether we will be able to actually make debut and be loved by people to receive a rookie award. Now, my dream has come true, so I’m so happy and grateful. I really thank BLACKPINK’s fans who have long waited for us and all the people who listen to our song and love us. We’ve never thanked our fans personally yet, but there will be many opportunities for that from now on. So, please look forward to it and please continue to love BLACKPINK.

LISA: I really thank those who have supported us since our debut. I’m so happy that we’re receiving this big love and we’ll keep working hard to continuously show you even better BLACKPINK.

ROSÉ: I’m always so grateful for fans and I’m sorry that there is no way to better express my gratitude. I just wanna say thank you and I love you for fans who have always been supporting and waiting for us.

What’s your goal for the rest of the year 2016?

JISOO: It’s not limited to 2016. I have a lot of things to achieve from now on. I hope for BLACKPINK’s growth as an artist.

JENNIE: I wanna present good performances that can leave a long-lasting impression in all the people.

LISA: I wanna give more performances.

ROSÉ: I think there still are people who don’t know who BLACKPINK is, as it’s been only a few months since our debut. I hope more people can know who we are.

As what kind of idol group do you want to be remembered by fans?

JISOO: A team that fans always wait for and look forward to seeing each and every performance

JENNIE: I hope BLACKPINK will be a group who is always worth listening to and who is loved by fans any time with any song.

LISA: I hope BLACKPINK will be a group that fans can always look forward to.

ROSÉ: I wish BLACKPINK could make each and every performance impressive. I wanna be an artist whom fans always wait for and look forward to seeing.

What is the plan from now on?

JISOO: We’ll keep presenting diverse and good performances. Please keep your interest in us.

JENNIE: We’ll show diverse performances on the stage.

LISA: We’ll show diverse performances on the stage.

ROSÉ: We’ll always work hard to grow as an artist and constantly show you a new BLACKPINK.

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