ChartsGirl Group Brand Reputation Rankings September 2016

According to a Korean business reputations research lab, BLACKPINK achieved first place in September for the girl group with the most brand power.

In order to come to this conclusion, the research lab collected brand measurement data starting from August 9 to September 10, and took into account indexes such as a participation index, a media index, a communication index, a community index, and a reputation index.

The research lab tried to see if a girl group’s branding influenced how consumers conducted their online habits. Based on the results, BLACKPINK was number one with a total index score of 7,468,374.

In response to the results, the chief of the reputations research lab stated, “In terms of September, BLACKPINK is the girl group with the highest brand reputation. During the analysis of brand reputations for girl groups, they entered in and placed first in one swoop. This is the first time a brand has set this kind of record.”

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