ChartsBLACKPINK’s LISA Scores the Third-Longest-Charting Single Among K-Pop Soloists in Canadian History

BLACKPINK’s LISA Scores the Third-Longest-Charting Single Among K-Pop Soloists in Canadian History

Blackpink member Lisa broke out on her own and launched a solo career this fall, and with each passing week, she finds a new way to make history and prove how powerful and popular she is on charts in Western markets like the U.S. and Canada. This frame, the singer and rapper sees her latest release hold on for another turn on the Canadian Hot 100, the ranking of the most-consumed songs in the country, and it’s another important and notable period for the superstar.

Lisa’s single “Money” dips slightly on this week’s Canadian Hot 100, sliding from No. 47 to No. 51 in its seventh frame on the ranking. With just seven turns spent on the 100-spot tally, the cut has broken out of a tie and become the third-longest-charting song by a solo K-pop musician in Canadian history.

Before this period, Lisa’s “Money” was tied for this honor with Psy and CL’s “Daddy,” but now they are no longer on the same level as one another. The pair’s hit peaked at No. 36 back in 2015, and it lived on the chart for half a dozen frames. “Money” matched that showing last week, and now it’s pushed ahead. That means “Daddy” is now the fourth-longest-charting song by a K-pop solo musician, male or female.

Psy claims the only two songs by a solo musician known primarily for making K-pop music that have spent more time on the Canadian Hot 100 than Lisa’s “Money.” The groundbreaking musician’s “Gangnam Style” lived on the ranking for half a year, or 26 weeks. It is currently tied with BTS’s “Dynamite” as the longest-charting hit among K-pop musical acts in Canadian history.

The same star also claims the second-longest-charting single in the decades-long tenure of the Canadian Hot 100 among solo K-pop musicians. Psy’s “Gentleman” spent 13 weeks on the ranking, or exactly half as long as its predecessor. 

“Money” is sliding down the Canadian Hot 100 week after week, so it will likely disappear sometime soon. It stands a chance of becoming only the third song by a solo K-pop musician to make it to double-digit frames on the chart, though that’s not necessarily a given. It doesn’t seem likely that Lisa will tie Psy again, but when it comes to the Blackpink powerhouse, anything is possible, as she continues to outperform even the highest expectations.

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