ChartsBLACKPINK’s LISA Is Already the Most Successful Female K-Pop Musician Ever on Billboard’s Pop Chart

BLACKPINK’s LISA Is Already the Most Successful Female K-Pop Musician Ever on Billboard’s Pop Chart

Last fall, Lisa of the band Blackpink officially embarked on her solo career (without leaving the band that made her a superstar), and in the months that have followed, she has continued to make history left and right on charts all around the world, especially in the U.S. The singer and rapper’s second single on her own has proved to be the bigger of the pair she shared with her massive fan base, and now it’s made her a standout name in the K-pop field on one very important and competitive ranking in America.

Lisa is now the most successful female K-pop musician (an artist who is largely known for creating music that can be described as K-pop) ever on the Pop Airplay chart, Billboard’s ranking of the tunes that reach the largest audience at pop radio in America. Amazingly, Lisa has only appeared on the tally twice, but these are still relatively early days for K-pop acts landing big top 40 wins in the U.S.

The superstar’s current focus “Money” is steady at No. 35, its high point, and it has now lived on the Pop Airplay chart for three weeks. The tune made history less than a month ago when it became the first track by a solo female K-pop artist to hit the tally, and it is slowly rising.

Lisa is now the first female K-pop artist to chart more than one song on the Pop Airplay ranking, and she’s managed to do so both on her own and with a group. The other three members of Blackpink are steady with their one win, while fellow South Korean all-female act Loona has thus far only sent a single tune to the list. So far, those names are the only women in the space to hit the tally, but they surely won’t be the last.

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